All things point to US attacking Iran in 2024

Ashish Shukla
5 min readJan 8, 2024

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All things point to the United States attacking Iran in 2024.

Our newspapers, and of course the United States/Israel, are drumming up whatever bad is happening in Middle East is due to Iran.

Former Israeli prime minister Naftali Bennett is hysterical in Wall Street Journal about “Iran-backed Hamas”, Iran-backed Hezbollah” as well as “Iran-backed Houthis” in Yemen. Syrian and Iraqi militias are also operating with “support from Iran,” he says.

“Notice the pattern? The Iranian regime is at the centre of most of the Middle East’s problems and much of global terror,” babbles Bennett.

At the dawn of the new year, Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu was ranting: “If Hezbollah expands the war, it will receive blows it never dreamed of — and so will Iran.”

This is the “Shiite Crescent” in the region who are said to be Iran’s puppets though nobody would explain why Houthis captured Yemen’s capital Sana’a despite Iran warning them not to do so in 2015.

Influence of Iran yes. puppets of Iran — a resounding NO.

If you notice all what is happening in Middle East — Gaza; one of Hamas’ top guys (Salih al-Arouri) killed in the heart of Lebanon; over a hundred killed in blast in Iran; the naval-war build up in Red Sea; it all appears one giant co-ordinated move to force the issue with Iran.

It’s an attempt not dissimilar to what happened in Ukraine where Russia was baited long enough for the Russian Bear to finally put its foot down on Ukraine.

It’s textbook stuff from Washington to leave its enemies with no option but to come out throwing punches which allows them to show its iron hand and yet hold the high moral ground.

In the present scenario, Benjamin Netanyahu appears to be enacting Vladimir Zelensky, Israel being the forward piece to checkmate Iran as Ukraine was the bait to mire Russia into a conflict.

Netanyahu is acting for the United States — and not its Jewish citizens as Zelensky is for Washington and not Ukrainians.

The truth is United States has tried every trick in the game to break Iran’s resolve — for years it has been economic sanctions; media moralizing about the state of women in Iran etc, etc.

If anything, it’s even a bigger trophy which the United States is eyeing: ; If Iran is crippled, the United States could control the oil and its trade routes without which the world can’t move an inch.

So if the United States is the monarch of Middle East, it controls the region, it could oil-sanction any country and could have every nation dancing around its little finger.

It would make you realize why the US president Joe Biden is never tired of repeating that “If there was no Israel, we (the US) would have to invent one” in Middle East.

It would also restore your historical perspective on the Balfour Declaration made by the British in 1917 for the creation of Israel as they too wanted an agent in the oil-rich region before the Second World War brought its goal to nought.

The control of sea lanes around the Mediterranean would also afford the United States to strike at the growing clout of Saudi Arabia and Russia in OPEC +.

In one stroke, the United States would hold the world by you-know-what.

Supremacy restored, game over.

Iran knows it’s being drawn into a spider’s web. That’s why it’s resisting all provocations. If it really has had that overbearing clout on Hezbollah or Houthis, probably the latter won’t have fallen into this unfolding US/Israeli trap.

The unending genocide in Gaza is with an eye to provoke Israel’s Arab neighbours into a misstep for the regional war to be widened and the ultimate prize of Iran to be claimed.

It’s another matter Iran is no pushover that the US could kick it around.

An attacking United States would have to first subdue Zagreb mountains which separate Iran’s mainland from the sea; there are deserts to contend with; and a formidable military power not to forget the “dirty bomb” which everyone suspects Iran is in possession of.

If you thought Iraq was tough, Syria a story of despair, Afghanistan a miscalculation, Iran could be altogether of a different scale.

It could bleed America dry — and Israel could be over next morning.

Besides, neither Russia nor China would be a spectator to this aggression. Iran is pivotal to both, not just for oil but also for forging global trade links through roads and rails around Tehran.

Yet the neocons of Washington believe if Iran is taken care of, Iraq or Syria, or for that matter Lebanon or Yemen, would be easy pickings.

It should tell you why Israel is doing what it is doing and why the US is mumbling on sparing civilian Palestinians and yet buffing up Tel Aviv with funds and arms.

For in essence, the US and Israel is nothing but the two sides of the same coin.

So there is this method behind the madness which Israel is wreaking in its neighbourhood. It’s self-defeating unless you realize the goal is bigger and desperation is urgent.

Ukraine and New War Doctrine

Yet, the lessons of Ukraine should tell the Globalists/Zionists a thing or two about how the metrics of war have changed.

For one, fancy weapons amount to little if you don’t have the numbers in conventional forces to overwhelm an enemy.

That number of conscriptions Israel doesn’t have nor the US could commit that size of army in the Middle East.

It’s those numbers which Israel’s enemies have in neighbourhood and which could overwhelm it.

It’s essentially the Hegemon/Globalists who sense it’s now or never if their supremacy of last few centuries is to see another day.

It would appear the Hegemon no longer is resorting to pretences — the mask is off.

It’s the West which must prevail and it’s no time for PR exercises with Global South and others.

But if even major US allies in the West — Australia, Spain, Italy and France — are rejecting being part of operations in Red Sea; Egypt and Saudi Arabia being direct sufferers yet doing likewise; and inconsequential Bahrain and Seychelles is all what you have to show as allies in the mission, the United States would only hasten its demise and not protect its hegemony.

For Iran is a much bigger bite than it could chew.



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