The sham “truce” and the Iran Question

Ashish Shukla
4 min readNov 23, 2023

(This is a reprint from NewsBred)

This Israel-Hamas “temporary truce” is such a sham.

All it does is to make Israel and the United States appear “generous” and “humanitarian” while still allowing them to continue with their murderous intent.

Hamas agreed because they wanted to catch their breath from the pounding after noticing that none of the impotent Arabs nor Hezbollah wanted to walk the talk.

I don’t blame Hamas nor Arabs nor Hezbollah, nor Iran for that matter, because escalation is what Israel-US axis are praying for in their wettest dream.

The escalation could still come about after the “truce” because the United States for at least a decade and a half have been wanting to fix seven West Asia countries: Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Somalia, Sudan and Iran.

My book: “How United States Shot Humanity” has this passage where the top US general and NATO commander Wesley Clark disclosed in 2007 that the Bush administration had plans to overthrow these seven West Asian countries in five years.

We know what happened in Iraq; we are aware that the United States is still occupying one-third of Syria; Libya was destroyed in 2011; Lebanon was wrecked with sanctions which brought about hyperinflation; Somalia today is a failed state; and Sudan was ripped apart with US-Israel fuelling the religious sectarianism.

Look at these seven countries on the map (below): Notice the sea lines from the Mediterranean Sea-Suez Canal to Red Sea (Libya, Sudan, Somalia along the coast) and then the Persian Gulf (Iraq and Iran) and the Mediterranean (Syria, Lebanon).

The only one left standing is Iran and it should make readers revisit why Israel “allowed” Hamas the passage when the intelligence was already out about their planned attack.

Not for a second think that the lives of Israelis sit heavy on their conscience — Like the deaths of tens of thousands of Ukrainians didn’t — for all that matters is the agenda of global domination.

The truth is it’s in the interest of the United States, through its proxy Israel, to control West Asia for its oil and sea-lanes.

Now try to be in the big shoes of the United States and think what’s the biggest weapon you could have to retain the control of the world?

The answer is oil.

No nation, big or small, rich or poor could function without fossil fuels.

Now West Asia not only has the most oil and gas of the world it also has sea-lanes without which the global trade would be wrecked.

Remember just a few days of inconvenience when Suez Canal was blocked had thrown the global trade into a tizzy.

Without the control on the oil and sea lanes of West Asia, the United States is over as a global power.

It gives them the baton to impose sanctions and dry off energy supply of any nation it doesn’t like.

It allows them to blow up any Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) which China has been pursuing for years to integrate the region.

It keeps India mindful of the fall-out on its energy lifeline and cheer every fanciful idea which Washington floats such as I2U2 and IMEC.

Remember India isn’t free to pursue its interests with Iran.

When Iran was one of US’ Pillars

There was a time when the United States controlled this region through its two pillars: Saudi Arabia and Iran.

Iran was under the Shah who in essence was the US’ proxy but then 1979 Islamic Revolution changed the symmetry and the US lost one of its main pillars in the region.

It was at this stage, essentially after 1967, that the United States began co-opting Israel in its mission.

Joe Biden has said many a times that if “there was no Israel, we would have to invent one.”

The Zionist lobby in the US is well known as is the fact that many Israeli leaders — including Benjamin Netanyahu — were groomed in the United States itself.

Now with Saudi Arabia looking to spread its wings beyond the United States’ cover, it’s paramount that Israel does what the US had once banked on Saudi-Iran to deliver: To keep the region hostage to US interests.

How the US would love to overpower Iran: It’s looking for a legitimate reason — like it did with Russia’s boots in Ukraine — which would come if Hezbollah joins the war.

The US would then look to neutralize Hezbollah and punish Iran with a reason which would be cheered by its domestic audience and the “free world” which frankly doesn’t exist.

The Israeli-Hamas war is a godsend for the United States: If it was to escalate, the US in one stroke could take care of Iran, the control of West Asia, and deal a fatal blow to BRI if not to the emerging BRICS order.

The last logical question is: What is in it for Israel?

Well, nothing for the average Israeli but everything for the Zionist-Globalist forces who have the world in their fist.

These forces couldn’t care less if it’s their own people who are dying. Indeed, it’s a convenient excuse like the 9/11 was for the United States to punish Iraq when the hijackers were of Saudi origin! Never mind the reason offered and propagated by sinful media — WMD — turned out to be fake.

Bush and Blair weren’t war criminals then — as Netanyahu and Biden won’t be now.

The rest of the humanity simply doesn’t matter.



Ashish Shukla

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