Who protects India and its over billion citizens from anarchy?

Ashish Shukla
3 min readJun 11, 2022


(This is a reprint from NewsBred)

Who protects India and its over billion citizens?

We don’t see the government, the judiciary, the laws, the Constitution of being any use in reading the riot act to the mob.

They were missing in CAA. As they have been in post-poll violence in Bengal. Or in farmers’ protest. And now on a “blasphemy” which actually stands the test of Islamic texts.

Do you think our Courts would intervene and ask Islamic scholars to prove that what Nupur Sharma said was wrong? Or Section 503 for criminal intimidation is slapped on those who are asking for her “sar-tan-se-juda” when charges on her amount to no more than three years in prison?

Or our own government that throws its own spokesperson under the bus for “practical reasons” which obviously matters more than ordinary lives, now thrown to the wolves.

Our media, liberals, intellectuals now don’t shout for “freedom of expression” as they did when MF Hussain painted Hindu goddesses naked; Nupur’s words are more hurtful than actual lives being lost for the very reason “religion” in Kashmir; they won’t question an Owaisi if this is an adherence to India’s Constitution and not Sharia Law.

This is the “secular” Bharat our four Pillars profess to stand by where one religion is favoured over other; and where India’s women press corps actually are asking for removal of FIR against Saba Naqvi despite her some crass remarks on Shivling-in-Gyanvapi.

How is Nupur Sharma’s blasphemous and not Naqvi’s crass joke on Shivling?

Upright advocate J Sai Deepak has made a string of tweets on a recent judgement by a special court of Telangana, adjudging Akbaruddin Owaisi not guilty of hate speech, on grounds which defy credulity.

The effigy of Nupur Sharma, remains suspended by wire in Belagavi in Karnataka after hours: Neither the government, nor agencies nor people themselves have made an effort to bring it down. Who doubts Anand Ranganathan that ours is now an Islamic Republic of India?

All of you, please tell an Indian citizen the door he should knock at if there is a blood-cry for “sar-tun-se-juda” for a photo-shopped image which has been credited to him? What good is police who prefers to be a mute spectator while a Maulana bays for blood to an approving audience?

None of our political parties or a politician has stood up to this naked intimidation but why harbour hope when one day they ask for Owaisi’s blood and on next, go for his party’s support for the Rajya Sabha elections?

What to make of our celebrities who chant “Dara Hua Musalman” (Hamid Ansari) or one who insists that the Indian government has acted too late on Nupur (Naseeruddin Shah). None of them have a word to say on call for beheadings atop mosques in Jammu; or police stations and BJP offices being lit in flames.

Most discerners believe these acts of taking over India’s streets — be it CAA, farmers’ protest or now — is orchestrated.

Inimical forces, both at home and abroad, are at work.

There is no point in India standing up to the West in favour of Russia if it goes on knees to the forces they unleash on home streets.

Stones and sticks are supplied in tonnes when you and I would struggle to find a nail-cutter or knife in the kitchen.

No enemy would let go the moment if you submit to mob, offer its citizens as ransom, appease and appease and appease till all what is left is Sharia Law.

What use is your development, your corruption-free image, your won elections is if the citizens of the land live in perpetual fear despite the Constitutional oath you take on assuming the office?

If you don’t have the courage to stand with the truth, who stops another 1947 and worse? When no swift reprisal happens on tukde-tukde gang; when Khalistanis take out a rally escorted by Punjab police; why preen and pontificate?

None of them — government, judiciary, media, intellectuals — today are standing up for the system, laws or Constitutional values.

How many of us really think an example would be set for the anarchists now?



Ashish Shukla

Author, International journalist, Publishes NewsBred.com as antidote to media lies